Our policy is to conduct purchasing activities that adhere to legal requirements, prioritize environmental considerations, and uphold principles of integrity and ethics.

NRS GROUP Procurement Policy

NRS GROUP, in pursuit of its group philosophy, adheres to the NRS GROUP Corporate Code of Ethics and conducts honest procurement activities in accordance with the following fundamental principles, while complying with the law and upholding ethical values:

1. Ensuring Fairness and Equity

  • ● We make selections and enter into contracts with a commitment to fair and equitable judgment.
  • ● We provide equal opportunities for fair dealings with domestic and international companies.

2. Compliance with Laws

  • ● We comply with relevant laws in all procurement transactions.
  • ● We maintain the confidentiality of any information obtained through procurement transactions.

3. Social Responsibility (CSR Procurement)

  • ● In our procurement activities, we prioritize contributing to the realization of a sustainable society, taking into consideration resource conservation, environmental preservation, human rights, safety, and other aspects.
  • ● We undertake initiatives to fulfill our corporate social responsibility as a company by giving due consideration to these factors.
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