Global Network

Established in 1946 as engaged in the supply of equipment and logistics services in Japan. Services globally offered are ISO/IBC container lease & operation, package/bulk storage, intermodal freight transportation, freight forwarding. Market serviced are basic and specialty chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals, food/additives, in addition to general cargos. Approx. 1,000 employees and our agents as covering 100 locations globally. Committed to safety, compliance, environmental health, service quality and reliability.


  • East Japan

    • Tokyo

    • Chiba

    • Kawasaki

    • Yokohama

    • Gunma

    • Niigata

  • West Japan

    • Nagoya

    • Osaka

    • Kobe

    • Shunan

    • Kitakyushu

    • Saga

    • Kumamoto

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