With safety, our primary consideration, we carry liquid gas and chemicals, food-grade, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical related products. Many of these are classified as “Dangerous Goods” by international and/or local regulations. We provide distribution in tank trucks and ISO tank containers by single or multi-modal transportation for bulk and provide a variety of containers such as IBC’s and drums for packaged goods.


  • 1. Drivers with necessary licenses trained on handling, regulatory and emergency response to ensure safe delivery of all cargoes

  • 2. With knowledge built over 70 years experience handling dangerous goods, we provide our customers the best solution for their cargo

  • 3. Optimal solutions provided for delivery mode and routing

  • 4. Long history of compliance and working with regulators

  • 5. NRS carry liquid, gases, chemicals, food-grade, beverage, medical materials, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, etc

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