Ethical Business Standards

In order to carry out this mission, every director and employee comprehends the spirit of below standards and implement them.

NRS GROUP observes social norms and only engages in fair and acceptable business activities.
NRS GROUP enthusiastically accepts its responsibility towards the promotion of safety, health and the preservation of the environment.
NRS GROUP regards safety as its paramount responsibility, proactively developing and implementing the highest quality services.
NRS GROUP holds the high regards for the employee’s character and personality and is committed to the maintenance of a rich, comfortable workplace environment.
NRS GROUP actively promotes the continuing education of employee with the aim of developing a team of professionals who have knowledge of the most advanced technologies in their fields.
NRS GROUP works toward maintaining honest and transparent relationship with clients, contractors, employees and shareholders.
NRS GROUP is committed to maintaining its role as a good “corporate citizen” and by respecting the cultures and customs of other countries, being a good “citizen of the world”.

NRS GROUP Corporate Code of Ethics (full text)

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