With ISO tank containers, IBCs and custom-made receptacles for lease and rental to carry liquid chemicals, gases, food-grade, beverage, alcohol, powder, pellets, viscous cargo and etc.
In addition to line-up of various containers, also available for special types like inner-lined containers, fitted special attachment to meet customer’s requirements.
International transportation of ISO tank containers is operated by NRS OCEAN LOGISTICS for one-way or dedicated round-trip carriage.
NRS also provides services of cleaning, repair, maintenance, periodical tests, inspection, heating, nitrogen supply, laden storage, transferring from ISO tank container to tank truck at our own depots (Kawasaki and Kobe).

  • International Transportation

    NRS OCEAN LOGISTICS LTD. one of NRS GROUP companies, offer international door-door transportation with ISO tank containers globally.


  • Depot Services

    In our own depots, we offer ISO tank container cleaning, repair, maintenance, periodical inspection, heating of cargo by steam or hot water, nitrogen supply, laden storage and transferring from ISO tank to tank truck Space for up to 100 ISO tank containers of laden storage space available.


  • Lease and Rental

    Variety of ISO tank containers with capacities from 11,000 L to 26,000L, high pressure gas tanks, food-grade tanks, silo containers and IBC’s available for lease or rental.


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